Prepare Your Heart for a Great Christmas is perfect for women who want to get ready for December 25th in the true Christmas spirit – not only survive the holidays but enjoy them with peace and warmth in her mind, heart and soul!

In the midst of the stress of holiday preparations, this handy and interactive journalcombines contemporary reflections with real life. From Thanksgiving Day through the first week of January, each day’s pages include daily scriptures and invite the reader to write gratitude and to-do lists. Guaranteed to ease the mind and inspire the heart!

Prepare Your Heart for a Great Christmas isn’t for those who aspire to be Martha Stewart or Mother Teresa, but for all women who fall somewhere in between! Readers will discover: peace throughout the busy days, gratitude for the blessings of life, joy in rediscovering the anticipation of Christmas, and insights to carry the spirit of Christmas into the New Year.

Celebrate a blessing-filled holiday season with Prepare Your Heart for a Great Christmas.

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