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I Know You Are, But What Am I?

You’re taking good care of yourself. Keep going, even if it means removing this Don Rickles from your life.

Mom and Dad, We Need To Have a Talk…

Tough sell. For aging parents, this is a huge change. Not only is it downsizing; it’s admitting a shift toward greater dependence on others.

Hide the keys! Hide your eyes!

Your husband might hear the advice of a third, professional party better than from family or friends. In the meantime, try taking the wheel, or riding with friends.

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The mystery of writing and resistance

“So, how’s the writing going?” my friend asked over lunch. “I’m working on my novel,” I sighed. “More like getting back to it, I guess. I’m about 2/3rds there. I hit a rough patch but just need to get back to it.” My voice lacked the enthusiasm you might expect from...

Pears for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Shopping List: Turkey Dinner RollsPotatoesGreen beansPears Pears? Not on my list this year, but they might be on Jeannie Gaffigan’s, as she gathers round the table with husband Jim, their 5 children, and the family and funny people who helped her heal. In...

Baseball Buddha

We plan and make lists and think we control the outcome the whole time. And yet, the answers come when we surrender to what comes our way.

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