Why Halloween?

By on Oct 28, 2008 in Moms | 1 comment

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My youngest daughter appreciates the “treats” part of Halloween, but the “tricks” still confuse her.  “Why did they invent Halloween?” she asks, when confronted with gory, skeletal creatures.  Though Halloween was invented by the ancient Celts, I doubt a little history lesson would do much to calm her fears.  In considering her question, I reflected on Halloween’s hold on our culture.  Is there a part of us that likes to be frightened, as silly as it sounds?  It must be why horror movies and amusement park thrill rides are so popular.  On Halloween, we feel the adrenalin rush of fright.

When my daughter dons her costume on Halloween night, I’ll encourage her to think of the good things about the celebration—the candy, time with her friends, the fun of dressing up, and her dad’s warm hand holding hers as she “trick or treats”—and to ignore those things that frighten her.

Dear Reader, please comment:

What do you like about Halloween?

How do you handle the fears your little ones may experience?

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  1. Maria Kight

    November 17, 2008

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    I love carving intricate designs on pumpkins and giving out big full size candy bars to the kiddos. My husband and I chuckle as we’ll hear a child go “wow, gee thanks”. It warms our hearts! I love seeing the little kids in their costumes. It’s also a fun day where everyone can be someone/thing else for a little while. I enjoy seeing other people’s creative sides on this spooky night. Whether it’s with costumes or decorations, it’s all fun.
    My kids were never fearful on Halloween. My teenage son still remembers when we made his 101 Dalmation costume for Kindergarten. I painted black spots on a white hoodie and sweat pants, sewed on ears and a tail and voila we had a costume!

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