What a Middle School Swimmer Taught this Mom

By on May 31, 2014 in Maria's Blog | 0 comments

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I’ve watched that moment at past meets from my soggy poolside seat. She ascends the block, tugging her suit down in back. Daily practice has built her endurance and honed her strokes. Before hunching into the starting position, she places the goggles over her eyes like a superhero donning his mask, the edges of her lips dropping in determination. Her mission is clear. Her focus narrows to the lane before her, the water glistening with comfort and challenge. I try a little telepathy and send the Zen advice of many professional athletes: breathe deeply; be in the moment; trust your body to know what to do and let go. The goggles are her companion and guard, connecting her to the preparation behind and the performance ahead. You bet they are important.

Visit my blog post on the Huffington Post for the whole story of what my middle school swimmer taught me.

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