“Well, I believe in him.”

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Happy St. Nicholas Day!

Today I am grateful for our warm home, and the forcast for snow later today.  Along with the music on the radio, snow will put me in the Christmas mood even more.

I am also grateful for the friends who encouraged me to write Prepare Your Heart for a Great Christmas, because I sure need it!  I’ve fallen behind in my daily blog, and now want to recommit to checking in with you everyday.  Over the last few days, I’ve suffered from the “feeling overwhelmed” blues.  Fortunately, after a wonderful talk with my husband, then another with my mastermind group, the fog has lifted and I have renewed confidence in the fact that all will get done and all will be well.

I love the story in today’s reflection on my daughter Katie’s final word on the existence of Santa:

The day of reckoning came. I’d dodged the issue long enough. As I prepared dinner one evening, Katie sat at the kitchen counter, stared straight into my eyes and asked: “Mom, is Santa real? Do you believe in Santa?” 

I took a deep breath and searched for the words my mother told me. “Well, Katie, Santa is love. Wherever you find people being good to one another at Christmastime, Santa is there.” I chose my words carefully—too slowly for my eager child. Impatient, she interrupted me and said, “Well, I believe in him.” She stared one second longer, emphasizing her point. I smiled, gazed back and said, “I believe in him, too.” Returning the smile, she hopped down and ran from the room. She had found her answer.

What we wil achieve in this life is intimately connected to how much we believe in ourselves and our ability to accomplish our goals.  For today, act “as if” you are the person you want to be.  You’ll be delighted at the results!

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