Umbrella or funnel?

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It’s a rainy Monday, even if the sun is out!

Most of us, as we enter into our Monday morning, are deluged by the tasks of the day and week ahead. We’re longing for the weekend that already feels so distant, and looking forward to the next one. And we’re seeing Monday as a list of things to do.

The truth is we’re also surrounded by what sustains us, aren’t we? We’re surrounded by the air, water, light, and earth. And perhaps if we pay attention, we might see goodness and grace working through the people and tasks of the day. So rather than looking at our life and days as a series of endless tasks and things to get done, perhaps we can focus on what’s in our day that’s sustaining us and might be a source of goodness to us.

So in the rain of our Monday, I’m reminded of an insight I recently heard: The grace of God falls on saints and sinners alike. Sinners hold up an umbrella; Saints, a funnel. So may we welcome all that fills our day as potentially bringing goodness and grace our way.

What do you say? Let’s pay attention to the blessings of life, because when we do, marvelous things happen. Let’s live Everyday Inspired!

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