This Year’s Invitation

Today in Prepare Your Heart for a Great Christmas, we read:

The manger scene is a powerful reminder of God’s eternal open door policy.  As you set up your creche this year, reflect upon each character and the special purpose he or she had to bring Jesus into the world.  Pray for an open heart to accept this year’s invitation.

Today I wake achy and foggy from not-the-best-night’s sleep.  But, my gratitude list compels me to find things I’m thankful for, even when I am tempted to wallow in my physical discomfort.  There is beautiful sunlight streaming in the window behind me; my husband fixed a delicious egg sandwich for me for breakfast; and this new keyboard is helping ease the aches in my shoulders. 

I feel better already!  And when I’m grateful and feeling good, I’m more open to God’s invitation:  How can I bring Jesus to my world today? 

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