There’s an 80 pound, golden retriever-sized hole in our home

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There’s an 80 pound, golden retriever-sized hole in our home.

The other night we said goodbye to the best dog in our lives, Shannon. It was a bittersweet night, filled with candles and Kleenex. He was his wonderful self till the end, having carried his pain these last months with great grace. He loved us and wanted us to be proud of him. And we are. I miss him so, but am relieved he is now pain free and romping his way across the heavens. There’s a new star up there now.

Someone on Facebook posted this scripture the next day, a beautiful and serendipitous bit of wisdom from Psalms:

Make us know the shortness of our life that we may gain wisdom of heart.

This is one of the lessons of love our sweet Shannon taught us—to love and enjoy each other right now, for this time we take for granted will pass. Though I like to think I can still feel him at my feet, tucked under my desk as I type these words.

So, my friends, it seems fitting as we approach Memorial Day weekend to be reminded of this lesson that comes to us in loss. Draw near to those you love. Be grateful for all the love that comes your way. And love with all the heart and courage you have in you.

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