The Year of Living Biblically: A Lesson for Thanksgiving Day

By on Nov 22, 2007 in Advent and Christmas | 0 comments

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In The Year of Living Biblically, author AJ Jacobs gained many insights during the year he sought to “follow the Bible as literally as possible.”  At a recent book fair, AJ spoke of the commandments he’d created as a result of his experiment.  The first:  Thou Shalt Give Thanks.  AJ learned the power and importance of “giving thanks for the 100 things that go right everyday, rather than focusing on the few things that don’t.”

  This lesson is echoed in Prepare Your Heart for a Great Christmas.  We begin our journey on a day established for the purpose of giving thanks.  Everyday, our journal pages will ask us that question first:  “Today, I am grateful for … “  In the Thanksgiving Day reflection, we read: As you move through your day today, pay attention to the big and little things that are meaningful to you: from the people you love, to that wonderful light in the refrigerator that comes on just when you need it. Say “Thank you!” Then give thanks for how light your heart feels after you’ve said those two simple, life-affirming words! 

Today, I am grateful for my happy and healthy family, for our home and a light schedule.  My intention for the day is two-fold:  to follow AJ’s advice; and to be an example of love, joy and acceptance to my extended family when we gather today.

  Happy Thanksgiving, my friends!

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