The Opportunities this Christmas

By on Oct 13, 2008 in Advent and Christmas | 0 comments

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Recently my colleague and friend Julie Hood and I decided to cancel the Great Christmas Event.  We were at the mercy of recent economic conditions, as many women who wanted to participate chose not to in order to save money, and time…which, ironically, we had solutions to these problems to offer workshop attendees!

Reflecting on this decision, and the larger issue of our global economic future, I see that our celebration of Christmas, as we have known it in recent years, will be impacted.  And, I venture to say, for the better.

We have a big opportunity, this Christmas, to reclaim the heart of the season.  By bringing the material aspects of the season into their proper perspective, we can make this year truly a Christmas to remember.  We can start by focusing on the people, things and events for which we are grateful, rather than despairing over the things we think we’ll miss. 

One big part of Christmas for which I am deeply grateful is the music.  I’ve started a collection of hidden Christmas tracks–the inspiring songs we won’t hear on the radio, or those obscure songs from Christmas movies.  This year, I will celebrate these selections by featuring them on the blog from time to time.  Here’s the first entry:

A Quiet Christmas by Michael Gott

My heart longs for a quiet Christmas

Far from the hurry and the noise

Where peace on earth meets peace of mind

I long to find a quiet Christmas

Click on the link above and scroll down the page to another link to listen to this beautiful song.  This year we have the opportunity for the quiet Christmas that our hearts long for.

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