Thanks for two Dads in my life

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On Father’s Day,  I have a moment now to visit with you and offer a couple of thoughts about the two dads in my life:  my own father; and the man who made me a mom.

My husband’s getting tougher to buy for as the years go on, and Father’s Day comes just a month after his birthday.  He has already selected and has started using his GPS system (a combined gift for the two occasions).  So, I’m busy doing what I can to make it a good day for him with a special dinner and no chores around the house!

He deserves a day of recognition for all he does to care for our family:  he’s the main breadwinner; the landscaper; math tutor; computer tech; hugger; and defender of the house rules.  Sometimes he’s up and sometimes he’s down, but his loyalty to his family never wavers and his spirit is never down for long.  He’s in love with the earth, his wife, his girls and his mom…and he is our faithful guy.  He is a gem of a man who meditates everyday, reads parenting books to understand his girls better, and loves a good microbrew beer.  To our sweet golden retriever, he is the alpha dog who throws the ball farther than anyone during spirited games of fetch.

This morning at church we reflected on fathers and I remembered my dear dad.  My dad and I shared green eyes, the same birth month, and a love of baseball and politics, to name a few things.  My dad taught me the quiet strength of patience and faithfulness–to God and to others.  He found the good in everyone he met, and honored it in them.  I recall one of the many Sundays we went to visit his mom in her nursing home, and on the way to her room he stopped to greet many people, most by their first names.   He went to heaven nearly 13 years ago, and while I miss him everday, I know he’s not far away.  I hear him in my voice every time I speak to my daughters a word of encouragement, because he encouraged and loved me so purely and consistently.  Now it’s my turn to love my daughters the same way.

Thanks, Dad, for giving me life and for teaching me about love.  Thanks, Steve, for sharing my life and loving “your girls” so much.

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