Tend the flock in your midst.

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Tend the flock of God in your midst.
  1 Peter 5:2

Mother Teresa reminds us:  “We can do no great things-only small things with great love.”
As mothers busy about the business of life, we sometimes wonder if what we do is “enough.” 

Yesterday at church my almost-10-year-old daugther took my hand and studies our palms.  She adjusted her hand next to mine, trying to line up the creases.  I’ve heard these creases called “life lines,” and it touched my heart to see her extending one line from my palm to hers, as if her young life would one day pick up where mine leaves off.

These are the moments that remind me of the importance of the “little things” I do to take care of my family.  These tasks, when done with great love, are the foundation for my children’s lives.  God gave life to them through my husband and me, but it is ultimately His life in them which I am called to nurture.  I give so much of my life so that they will have theirs, and it is holy work…tending the flock of God in my midst.

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