Ten Tips for a Less-Stress Holiday Season: #9

By on Nov 1, 2007 in Advent and Christmas | 0 comments

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#9 Take it One Day at a Time.  This seems an odd piece of advice after Tip #10!  Moms know first hand, however, that flexibility is a part of everyday life.  I’ve lost count of the days I’ve awaken with my to-do list in hand, ready to start checking off tasks, only to have a family emergency, stalled car, or other interruption way lay my plans.  

While planning your holiday festivities, be realistic about what you hope to accomplish on any given day.  Count on the fact that setbacks will come.  Fold extra time into your plan so you’re not stressed when last-minute changes occur.  No matter the setback you encounter, there’s always a hidden opportunity in each—it just depends on how you look at it. 

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