Take the next step. It may be enough.

By on Jun 5, 2013 in Everyday Inspired, Maria's Blog | 0 comments

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Sometimes the greatest consolation can be found in simply taking the next step. It’s wise to dream and plan, and if you’re like me, you get a rush when new ideas emerge.

But then comes the slow, essential work of putting them into action. Sometimes the work seems overwhelming. I wonder: “How will I get there from here?” and if I think too long about it, fatigue sets in. Then nothing gets done, and I’m stuck.

Perhaps some days the best approach may be to assess: “What next step can I take?” And then, simply take it. Then, let the project be for a while, like fallow farmland—plowed but left unsown for a time to restore its vitality and nutrients. Sometimes, the next step is just one simple one.

When we’re done, let’s give ourselves credit for taking the next step and not getting stuck. Then, how ‘bout permission to say, “That’s enough for today”?

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