Sorting through, picking up, carrying on

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Watching and experiencing the recent tornadoes in the Midwest gives cause for concern. So many emotions swirl like a funnel cloud: fear; exhilaration; grief; helplessness; gratitude; loss. Just to name a few.

This kind of vulnerability invites me to look at my own thoughts and where they go. Do I focus on the loss and fear, and the potential devastation? Or can I ride out the storm with a deep core of confidence that all will be well no matter the outcome?

Recently our basement flooded, for the second time in three years. My family and I braced ourselves for the cleanup. Having been through the drill so recently, we kinda knew our way around the reconstruction and insurance claims. A lot of our stuff was in plastic bins—another lesson we learned the first time through.

“At least we have stuff to lose,” I told my husband. A little consolation in the midst of our loss.

Moving forward on this sunny Monday (at least in my part of the country), I know that the sun shines on those who sigh with relief as well as those who are picking up the pieces. May we reach out in service and compassion to those in need, and find our own inner calm, which in turn finds things to be grateful for, even when all seems lost.

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