Solvitur Ambulando

By on May 4, 2011 in Announcements | 0 comments

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“It is solved by walking.”  – St. Augustine of Hippo

When will you walk today?

The power a simple walk has to restore our spirit and clear our mind is remarkable.

Most days, the tasks and concerns on my mind weigh heavily, and sometimes seem impossible to complete or solve. The last thing I can do is take a walk — what a luxury!

When I do walk, though, the world changes. Somehow the rhythmic movement and fresh air work together to prioritize my tasks and calm my concerns. The world seems much lighter on the other side of a simple walk. So really, the best thing I can do is indulge in the luxury of a walk and let the blessings that come benefit everything else in my life.

Today, step outside and let a stroll work its magic on you!

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