Pride in a parking lot

By on Nov 3, 2009 in Moms | 0 comments

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The young father leaned into the back seat and unstrapped his prize possession. Lifting his soft-skinned, mop-topped son onto his hip, they crossed the parking lot toward the grocery store as the breeze softly brushed their faces. The boy, not quite a year old, stared contentedly ahead. This is a trip he’s made many times in his young life. Dad’s gaze drifted back and forth from the path ahead to his son’s face, checking constantly for the boy’s reactions, as if to say, “Hey, whaddaya think? What’s going on?”

Dad’s face was a picture of quiet anticipation. Tuned into those chubby cheeks and deep blue eyes, it was clear he was traveling with a dear companion. At a late hour of the day, with perhaps a tired family waiting at home for supper, these two buddies bounced along, enjoying every minute of the journey.

These are the moments, countless in a day, when we create memories and feelings to last a lifetime.

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