Praying Big

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Yesterday I heard from several readers that they’d put out their buckets and were faithfully awaiting the blessings to fill it! 

 In Prepare Your Heart for a Great Christmas, we read:

A spiritual mentor and friend once confided to me her frustration with how people pray: “We come to God with our buckets saying, ‘Please fill these,’ and God wants to give us the ocean!” God will never be outdone in generosity and creativity. Yet, we try to decide what’s blessed for us, rather than letting God’s blessings fill us.

 Perhaps, when we pray, we’re thinking too small. In your quiet time today, place your bucket of concerns before God. Imagine God’s grace filling the bucket to overflowing, healing your concerns and bringing you peace of mind and heart. God is good. All is well.

My most memorable blessing for the day, though there were many along the way, came through my 7-year-old daughter, Katie.  She did something remarkable and unexpected last night. First of all, some background:  My husband has been out of town this week on business, so I got a taste of single parent life as I juggled feeding, clothing and taking my kids to activities all week with my own work demands.  My teenager Abby is used to my occasional evening meetings, but Katie still hates to see me go, especially during Christmastime.  I really try to minimize my time away, too, because I love being with them.  Last night was an exception, though.Our Christmas decorating this year has been done in small increments.  Most years we take a whole weekend and get the tree and all the inside decorations done, but this year we’ve had to break out our projects over the last 10 days or so.  Katie is excited to get it all done, so she called me during my meeting and asked if she could go ahead and hang ornaments on the tree.  (The lights and garland were already in place.) Feeling bad for leaving her with an undecorated tree, I gave her permission to get started and stay up until I got home from the meeting.  Her older sister was occupied with homework and her social life, so I knew Katie wouldn’t get much assistance from her.

When I arrived, the tree took my breath away!  Katie had not only placed nearly every ornament we possess on the tree, she grouped them together by themes.  It was a gorgeous site!  We snapped digital photos and sent them off to her dad right away.

Katie’s initiative was a blessing in so many ways.  As much as I love decorating the tree, I was even more delighted to have the project completed!    And, Katie has the wonderful sense of accomplishment and pride in a job well done and appreciated by her family.  Now, we all can enjoy our beautiful tree and feel the Christmas spirit more present in our home.

 This blessing came from a most unexpected direction for me.  While I was sad to be away from home and burdened by the unfinished tree facing me in the living room and feeling responsible to get it finished (my empty bucket),  my young child took on the task and finished it with great style and grace (now filled to overflowing!).  Come to think of it, that’s her middle name!

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