Positive Reinforcement

By on Jun 15, 2008 in Moms | 0 comments

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Thanks Maria, Michelle and Cheryl for sharing your struggles with getting started on exercise and for the terrific suggestions. 

I love the idea of rewarding myself for achieving a goal, no matter how small, on the way to a regular exercise routine.  We trained our puppy the same way and it worked like a charm, so why not me?! 

At the risk of making you dizzy with this line of thinking, here’s the next round of excuses: identifying my reward AND giving myself permission to take it.  For example, my husband won a massage as a door prize at his company holiday party last year, and promptly gave the certificate to me.  Here is is, 6 months later, and the certificate sits in my file, unredeemed.  So, even when I can identify the reward, I have trouble giving myself permission to take it.  In a round about way, I can use the lack of an identified reward as a way to put off exercising one more day.  One more excuse!  Yikes.

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