Music Musings: This is the Time

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This is the Time

On Everyday Inspired I’ll offer a series of musical musings, opportunities to take a deeper look at some popular music. Today I want to take a look at This is the Time by Billy Joel, off his album “The Bridge.” I love this song; it’s probably in my Top 10 of all time favorite rock ‘n roll songs. There are a couple of messages in this song for me, and I’m sure if you’ve experienced the song as well you have your own ideas.

The chorus “This is the time to remember/for it will not last forever” suggests to us: be in the present moment; carpe diem; pay attention to what’s going on right now because it won’t last forever. Especially if things are going well, this is a day “to hold onto” he sings.

As we listen more deeply to the lyrics, we find there’s not only great joy and happiness in the present moment, but also a longing for deeper relationship. The singer sings to his beloved, “You’ve given me the best of you, but now I need the rest of you.” That gives such beautiful, eloquent voice to that longing within all of us: that longing for connection. And when we connect with another and enter into relationship, it calls us to take the good with the bad. We’re not really connected if all we’re showing to one another is the best of us. We’re not really connected without “the rest” of us.

We put up a perfect front sometimes in relationship and in prayer. We think we have to show the best of ourselves, when really deeper relationship invites us to show the rest of ourselves, too. That’s the loving response: give me not just the best of you, but also the rest of you.

I invite you to listen to this song, and consider:

With whom in your life can you give all of yourself? Where’s that safe space in your life where you can be whoever you are: the best and the rest?

With whom in your life do you give this kind of loving? Who do you create a safe space for, where you can love in such a complete and wonderful way?

How might your spiritual journey be inviting you into deeper relationship? What are some of the ways you’re being invited to shed the best of you, and hold yourself in that vulnerable place of “the rest of you” to see how God might respond…how your spiritual journey might unfold?

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Check out this beautiful live performance of This is the Time, with Billy Joel in concert, featuring John Mayer on guitar:

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