Movie Musing: The Impossible

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The Impossible

Our Everyday Inspired moments this week will be inspired by the movie The Impossible. Released in 2012, it tells the true story of one family ripped apart by the tsunami that struck Southeast Asia in late December 2004.

The movie is a testament to the importance of appreciating life and our loved ones, to not taking one moment for granted. And, there are several beautiful teachings in the movie to reflect on this week with Everyday Inspired.

Today’s topic: raw, profound gratitude.

Maria, her husband, and 3 sons were vacationing on an island in Southeast Asia when the tsunami hit. The water’s force tore apart their family and the resort where they were staying. Maria is reunited with Lucas, her oldest son, and they slowly and painfully make their way to a small village, whose people eventually get them to a hospital. Maria has been seriously wounded in her right leg and has lost a lot of blood. In one scene, she comes to consciousness surrounded by the women of the village, who clean her face and put a fresh shirt on her. The tank top she’d been wearing was badly torn. As the women help her into the short sleeved button up top, Maria collapses into one woman’s arms, sobbing. She’s crying for several reasons—the enormity of the ordeal, her pain, fear, exhaustion, and grief. Yet as she sobs, she whispers over and over, “Thank you.”

Thank you, thank you, thank you. When so much is lost, she is profoundly grateful for this simple act of kindness. Clearly, from the style of vacation they’d been enjoying, this was a family of means. And in an instant, all that was taken away. Yet, in that moment of crushing loss, her heart weeps in gratitude.

I wonder, as we move through our day: Are we busy tallying the losses and near misses, or are we able to find one shred of reason to be thankful? Which one we use as our starting point—loss or gratitude—will make all the difference.

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