Morning prayer for the end of a busy day







Long day ahead.
At day’s end, I intend to look back and
see that God’s grace was the solvent,
the juice,
the catalyst,
the marinade,
the healer, 
the salve,
the wisdom, 
the light,
the spark, 
the splint,
the guru,
the flame,
the water, 
the heat,
the cool,
the fuel, 
the breeze,
the calm
which brought me to this moment.

How might you describe God’s grace in your life today? Please comment below:

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  1. Renee Bauer Soffer says:

    Loving God who unites us all, thank you for another day. Guide me to grace and direct me to wisdom as I begin this day of many challenges and blessings. Amen.

    • Such a beautiful prayer, Renee. I love how you call for unity and guidance. Prayer without an agenda is the most powerful, I believe!

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