Moments Hidden in the Minutes

By on Dec 4, 2007 in Advent and Christmas | 0 comments

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I’ve let a couple of days go by without a post on this daily blog. My weekend was such that I didn’t carve out the time to write on the computer, though I did continue my journal pages every morning.

Saturday night was a beautiful evening, where I celebrated Advent by Candlelight with the wonderful women of St. Peter’s Parish in St. Charles, Missouri.  This is the second event I’ve shared with them, as their keynote speaker.  The evening included prayer, delicious food and drink, and beautiful music.  In fact, the invitation to return was a big part of the reason why I got serious about writing Prepare Your Heart for a Great Christmas earlier this year.  I thought, perhaps, that if the women at St. Peter’s enjoyed my musings, then perhaps there’d be even more who would, too.  This has turned out to be the case.  So, thank you to Tiffany and Evelyn and the dear women of St. Peter’s Parish for affirming the idea and for making the event such a special evening for me.

Sunday started sunny, but winter storms moving through the midwest soon turned the day bitterly cold and rainy.  I’d planned to stay indoors and decorate, but my oldest daughter Abby asked me to take her to the mall after church.  At first I thought she wanted me to serve as the taxi service, but then it became clear that she intended to go with me.  Warmed by the thought that my teenage daughter actually wanted to spend time with me, I left the lighted village half assembled and made tracks for the mall with her.

It was worth it, for all the laughter we shared.  My favorite moment was when she tried on different winter scarves.  I looked around for a full-length mirror for her to see herself, but there wasn’t one near by.  She instantly pulled her cell phone from her pocket, struck a pose, held the camera at arm’s length and snapped her photo.  In the time it would have taken to find the store’s mirror, she snapped and pulled up her image and immediately assessed her scarf’s fashion-ability!  No go, she decided.  I laughed, delighted in her ingenuity and free yet decisive spirit.  The slog through the rain and the cold, not to mention setting aside my own plans, seemed small trade-offs for that moment of spontaneous fun with my daughter.

I continue to be grateful for music, my family, dear friends and my work.  I’m taking each day at a time, each with a long to-do list at the beginning, yet rich in other, unplanned ways, too.  So, some items on the list get pushed back a day or two.  When I kick myself for it, I just imagine that darling girl snapping a photo of herself at the mall.  Delighting in that, the decorations can wait!

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