“Mobilize their stress”

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The wonderful comic strip Baby Blues featured the young family with three kids preparing to go on vacation.  Amidst the chaos, the father declared that parents traveling with children don’t go on vacation, they just “mobilize their stress.”

This week, my family is in mobilization-mode.

The other day my friend Julie and I talked about preparing for vacation.  Her memories of vacations as a child are of great, relaxed days filled with swimming and other favorite activities.  Today, as a mom, she now sees how much work her own mom did to make vacations great for her siblings and her.  For most families, moms make sure we have all the right gear, food and clothing to enjoy our time away.

So, this week I’m in mom-vacation-packing-planning mode.  I woke up with some anxiety around it all, but then remembered that I am stressing over a trip to Florida.  Florida!  A great place to be and with people we love–we’re visiting family there.  Plus, we’ll take a couple of days to visit the Florida Keys.  As I imagined this, I saw my family and I driving through the Keys and across the 7-Mile Bridge surrounded on all sides by the ocean.

Then, my choice became clear:  I can either enjoy the spectacular view, or miss it being preoccupied with my own agenda, anxieties and expectations.  Guess what?  I’m choosing the spectacular view.

So, in these days leading up to our trip, I will take things as they come, and trust they will get done (I need to read my April 24th post on “List Relief” again).  When I do, I can enjoy the view.

Dear Reader, please comment on your own vacation experiences, especially times when things didn’t go as planned but worked out even better than expected!

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