Magical World

By on Apr 6, 2009 in Music Musings | 0 comments

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We don’t see snow in April in my part of the world too often.  Today the snow showers are expected to compete with opening day at the ballpark.

As I woke this morning, Peter Mayer’s Magical World was running through my mind.  I’ve learned to pay attention when a song is given to me, so I invite you to listen, too, and see what speaks to you.  Peter’s website includes the lyrics and a song sample.  Scroll down to track 11 on his Midwinter CD.

Peter calls this magical world “A dazzling place where life can be hard but it’s hard to complain/When sunbeams change to diamonds on water and rainbows in rain.”

Dear Reader, please comment:

What lyric is on your mind today? 

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