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By on Apr 24, 2008 in Moms | 1 comment

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I came across a list of things to get done for a recent family event.  I lost track of the list in my purse, so even though the event was past, the items on the list hadn’t been checked off.  For the fun of it, I went ahead and crossed out each item.

As I did, I recalled the anxiety that surrounded each item as I wrote it down.  Now, with the event successfully behind me and my memories of a lovely day, the items on the list didn’t seem so awesome.   In other words, what I’d been so worried about worked out well, in the end.

This is a lesson I want to take with me for every list I make from now on.  As I write down each item, I’ll trust that it will work out rather than worry that it won’t.  All things work together for good, scripture promises.  Finding that old list in my purse was proof-postitive of just that!

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  1. Julie Hood

    April 24, 2008

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    Hi Maria,

    You make such a great point here. I found a favorite quote that fits for this:

    Obstacles are not as tough as they appear. Obstacles are your mind’s way of trying to get you to “check out”… to keep you the same.

    To do lists can be a great way to check out. Who hasn’t looked at their list and said, there’s no way I can get all this done!

    Love your new blog!

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