June 4 – All the Whiles

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June 4 – All the Whiles

Sit a while, walk a while, listen a while, watch the world go by a while. How long is a while? As long as you need it to be. Some folks get anxious at the open-endedness of it, others love the chance to get off the clock and enjoy pocket watchlife. Still others can’t take a while, and dive into their phones to avoid a while. But whiles are healthy and healing, even the short ones. If you practice taking a while, after a while, you learn how to know when that while is enough.

Will your day include a while? Or do you wait for vacation or retreat to indulge in a while? A daily while is good for the soul. Take a while, and let yourself come to your senses. Let your mind just be. While you do, your breathing will become slow and even. Things to worry over and be grateful for will flow through your mind. Let them go. Take a deep breath. You’ll get to them. In a while.


What invitation is here for me, today?
Today I am grateful for:
My intention for today is:
My to-do list for today includes:

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