January 31 – Difficult times

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WH retreat chairSometimes we think inspiration is all sunshine and rainbows and unicorns and everything is lovely, but inspiration is available in challenging times as well. It’s tough to remain open to inspiration when our ego buttons get pushed, or when we’re aggravated and dealing with someone that we’d really rather not be with. When we’re in those moments of stress or when were anticipating a stressful time, how can we connect with inspiration?

It’s simple, but we need to practice it on a regular basis. When we are in a stressful, challenging, or frightening situation we may hold our breath for an extended time. In order to remain calm in the midst of the storm, we need to be aware of our breathing and keep doing it!

When I’m aware of my breathing in a stressful situation, I stay calmer and gain perspectives that I otherwise wouldn’t have. If we’re confronted with a difficult or challenging situation, let’s be mindful of your breathing. In that moment, let’s remember to mentally take a half step back and pay attention to our breath moving in and out of our body.

Practice this awareness when you’re not in a stressful circumstance, so you’ll be better prepared to call on this simple technique when the time is right. (You might try a cleansing breath by breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth, too.) Practice your breathing. Sounds simple, right? If you need to call on the resources of inspiration for some calm, turn to your breathing and it’ll be there.


What invitation is here for me, today?

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