January 30 – The sun came out today

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IMAG1676It is a glorious thing. The dark and gloomy days can bring me down, so when the sun comes out it lifts my heart with it.

A friend of mine and I read The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.  It’s about recovering your creative self and embracing the spiritual side of creativity. One of the activities in the book is to list the things that you love, not just physical things or people, but the things that are really meaningful to you. My friend’s list included: the sound of the leaves brushing against each other as the breeze flows through the trees; the smell of fresh baked bread; the feeling she gets in the morning when she walks into the kitchen and the house is all silent. As she shared her list, a quiet, sacred space emerged between us as we imagined those simple blessings in her life. It seems anything is possible in the kinds of moments she described.

That’s what I think God wants for us: God invites us in every moment of our lives to pay attention to the warm and loving things around us. Notice the sky, or the breeze, or a song that you hear, or the smile of a friend. Be mindful of these moments. In them, anything is possible


What invitation is here for me, today?

Today I am grateful for:

My intention for today is:

My to-do list for today includes:

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