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By on Mar 26, 2009 in Moms | 2 comments

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After the bus pulled away with our precious 9-year-old cargo, I walked through the kitchen and noticed her crumpled napkin and dirty socks by her place at the table.  The socks are a bad habit she’s gotten into lately, and the napkin a sign of her rush out the door.

My mind moved quickly from exasperation to delight: these soiled items are evidence of my dear child.  They mean that she was there.

After the loss of our dear grandmother earlier this year, and the freak accident that claimed the life of actress Natasha Richardson last week, I am deeply aware of how fragile we are.  So, rather than fighting the mess, I’ll embrace it instead.  And, in the interest of teaching responsibility for oneself, I’ll live with these little reminders in place all day, so that she’ll have the opportunity to take care of them herself when the bus returns her safely home.

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  1. Maria Kight

    April 7, 2009

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    Years ago, my mud splattered son came to the back door. He had stomped, jumped, frolicked in every mud puddle our yard offered. Filthy from head to toe and dripping wet with muck I didn’t know where to begin. I grabbed a towel and asked my husband to start a hot bath. Michael looked at me with his innocent blue eyes and said “But mommy I don’t need a bath”. It was so cute. We stripped him down. While stepping into the tub, unbeknownst to me, a muddy hand print was planted on the wall. I didn’t see it until later. There was something so precious about that little muddy print. I left it. Over time it has faded. If you know just where to look you might see it. That is my reminder that our son was there…(and if you look around the rest of the house, he’s been everywhere!!!!):-)

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