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A few weeks ago my husband and I experienced a phenomenal concert by John Fullbright and his band. We’ve followed his career for a few years. He is an immensely talented songwriter, musician, and storyteller. John can “lay it down” with a strength and wisdom unexpected from a man his age. In spiritual terms, he is an old soul in touch with the divine.

His concert was a breakthrough for me. It was a gift and blessing to be in the presence of such great work, and it inspired me to do it myself in my own. The music summoned my better self to fuller expression. Hmmm, and the muse was a man named full-bright.

Isn’t that what all beauty and great work does for us? Nature, music, athletic prowess, generosity of spirit—all lift us outside of ourselves and remind us of the possible. We are too often stuck in the dismal parts of now. Yet, there’s beauty all around us to remind us that all is not lost—there is great work yet to be done.

As John sings:

Look inside yourself to see

Where these walls appear to be

Let your soul step out to breathe…

 And let your trumpet blow

‘Round the walls of Jericho

Let your mighty voices sound

Until the walls come tumbling down

Hear the full song

Today, take at least a few minutes to indulge in inspiration. Find your way back to that honest, beautiful soul, and let that force flow through your life. See what beautiful things happen when you remember.

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