Hidden Christmas Tracks

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 While the standards are playing on the radio, here’s a great Christmas song you won’t hear all the time. This song transformed my Christmas a couple of years ago, and touches my heart every time I hear it.  (My brother-in-law Mike from Fort Worth, Texas introduced me to it.  Thanks, Mike!) Christmas is Almost Here is powerful on multiple levels.  First, Carly Simon’s lovely, slightly raspy voice captures the longing many experience during the holidays.  Livingston Taylor’s lush verses carry us from Christmas in our homes:

There’s a hand that’s old and rough
And it’s holding on
To one that’s new and small
Whose life has just begun
Hand in hand
Young and old
Calm each others fears
Christmas is almost here

To the first Christmas:  

There’s a rocky road ahead
Two people walk alone
Wondering in the fading light
If they can find their home
When hope is almost gone
A distant light appears
Christmas is almost here 

To the manger in our hearts, longing for love–whether it be romantic, or grieving the loss of a loved one:

Almost here for those in doubt
For those who must remain
Left behind when love goes cold
And shifting life makes change

Almost here for dreamers
Who think that there’s a chance
That they will find their music
And a partner for the dance 

Then, Livingston and Carly weave all these Christmas spots together, as love has found a companion and the wise men follow the star.  Our longing hearts follow the star, too.  The promise of Christmas assures us that our faith is, as is written in Hebrews 11:1–the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. 

There’s a dream that doesn’t die
Now we walk as one
Justice has a gentle hand
And love is like the sun

The darkest night is past
And by the stars we steer
Christmas is almost here
Christmas is almost here

Be sure to listen through to the end; Carly’s last long note will touch your soul! 

Maria’s Hidden Christmas Tracks:

  • Quiet Christmas written and performed by Michael Gott
  • The Night Before Christmas performed by Amy Grant and written by Carly Simon
  • Gabriel’s Message, traditional, performed by Sting
  • Stables written and performed by Peter Mayer
  • She’s Right on Time written and performed by Billy Joel
  • Christmas is Almost Here written by Livingston Taylor and performed by Carly Simon 
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