Prepare Your Heart for a Great Christmas

Would you like to slow down and enjoy the holiday season more? Join these women who’ve discovered Prepare Your Heart for a Great Christmas:

It saved my Christmas! — Connie

I liked the fact that the daily reflections were short and not overwhelming as it would be so easy to say “I don’t have time.” — Marilyn

Your wisdom is so positive – I love the scripture quotes for each day and your insights and wholeness in living well and happily. We need it so badly! — Barbara

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Chances are, you love Christmas but hate the work that comes with it.  And, you have at least one friend who shares your sentiment!

Now is the time to give your friend and yourself the gift of peace this Advent and Christmas season!

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With this thoughtful and easy guide, you can spend a few minutes each day reflecting on the spirit of the season, your gratitude and intentions, and your to-do list for the day.  Pick up an extra copy for a friend and once a week (or whenever it’s convenient) get together for coffee or a phone call, and talk about your week.  By partnering in this way, you both will pray for and with each other everyday, and help each other have the best Christmas yet!

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Time with friends is the best way to feel loved and supported. In this short video, Maria Rodgers O’Rourke invites you, like a good friend would, to let go of some control this Christmas season, and see what wonderful surprises are hidden in the hectic days. Her story tells of her young daughter’s enthusiastic contribution to the home decorations…and the win-win it created for all!

Moms: Let go a little at Christmastime! from Maria Rodgers O’Rourke on Vimeo.

Prepare Your Heart for a Great Christmas is also available on Amazon.com in hardback and Kindle editions.  Amazon editions are not signed.

A few minutes of quiet everyday will help you relax and enjoy the holidays more.

Prepare Your Heart for a Great Christmas now.

Here’s what women are saying about this beautiful book:

I had, over the years, come to hate Christmas..really really hate Christmas with all of it’s “musts” and “shoulds.” Your book helped to “re-mind” me of what Christmas is supposed to be – a celebration of love. It helped me to see that I can choose to reinterpret Christmas; to take my attention and focus from those aspects that drive me crazy and, instead, place them on the multitude of blessings God sends my way. Thank you for that timely lesson. — Jocelyne

Usually these gift books for women are tripe…too girly, too flowery, too pie-in-the-sky spiritual, or just downright silly.  But your stuff has some substance and a point.  You deliver your message in an educated, well-written style that drives each day’s home with tact and gentility.  You don’t let the reader get away with much, tapping us on the shoulder about things like becoming consumed with our plans for Christmas, becoming a martyr, having a short fuse, etc.  The book is easy to handle, easy to understand and easy to write in.  The look is simple but elegant; the length is just right. — Linda

Join these women who’ve rediscovered the holy in their holidays!  Order your autographed copy now and Prepare Your Heart for a Great Christmas!

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