God is Big

By on Nov 26, 2007 in Advent and Christmas | 0 comments

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Today I am thankful for God’s big-ness.  This is a day when my motivation and energy are low.  My daughter’s home from school with a bad cold, and my husband’s been called out of town on an emergency business trip.  I fear my to-do list will go by the wayside as I tend to others.  But, today’s reflection from Prepare Your Heart for a Great Christmas reminds me who is really in charge:

As we prepare our hearts and homes for Christmas, let’s remember that all the things we worry about and fuss over really belong to God. God has entrusted them to us at this time. May we use them to give glory to their Creator.



Not only the things, but the people God has entrusted to us!



Note to moms: Watch Christmas with the Kranks and see how you relate to Nora Krank, played by Jamie Lee Curtis.  Nora is a woman after my heart.  Her character is a frighteningly accurate portrayal of my interior conflicts during the holidays:  trying to please my family, worried about what neighbors and friends think, crazy about my children, stressed over food and decorations.  She careens from one person and situation to the next, seemingly disconnected from a central understanding of herself.  When it comes to what’s truly important, however, Nora stands tall as the heart of her family.  May our daily reflections keep us in touch with that central part of who we are, that part that comes from and is connected to our Big God.

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