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By on Sep 30, 2010 in Announcements | 2 comments

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Moms, take a look at this selection for spiritual reading–a great perspective to keep in mind as we raise our children to be the people God created them to be:

Unique in the field of career search guides is Richard Nelson Bolles’ What Color is your Parachute?.  What sets this perennial favorite apart from the others is a section at the end entitled, “Finding Your Mission in Life.”  In it, Bolles takes the seeker beyond finding a great job to identifying one’s life’s work, or calling—the work one is uniquely created to do.  To the Christian job seeker in search of his or her mission, Dick Staub’s About You is the ideal companion piece.

Staub’s timely reflection on the true mission of believers—to be fully human—is a powerful call.  Given today’s celebrity culture of fame based not on accomplishment but on media exposure, Staub offeres a different perspective on success by inviting the reader to contemplate and cultivate his or her talents and skills.  These are a kind of blueprint for one’s work in the world.  By developing their talents and skills and putting them in God’s service, believers will fully express their humanity and in doing so, fully express the divine.

Staub clearly underscores humanity’s need for God’s redemptive grace.  Believers participate in this redemption through the power of Jesus’ resurrection and his model of a human life fully lived.  Staub’s message is empowering in its focus on the dynamic gifts of our human nature, and how they can be raised to even further heights in collaboration with God’s grace.  We are fallen, yes, and we are raised beyond our wildest imaginings when we open our lives to God’s dream for them.

Affirming, empowering, filled with inspiring quotes and practical applications, About You is a must-read for all Christian seekers, career or otherwise.


  1. Dick Staub

    October 1, 2010

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    I love this emphasis on mom’s and the idea of About You as a companion piece for Dick Bolle’s Parachute book (He is a friend of mine!) We’ve encouraged our four kids to discover who God created them to be and then to become the masterpiece God intended! It is really encouraging when someone “get’s” the importance of what you’ve written. THANKS! Read on moms!

    • Maria

      October 1, 2010

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      Hi, Dick:
      So great to connect with you, and by extension, Dick Bolles! Thanks for your comments. I agree that moms will really benefit from your book, not only in charting their own course in life, but in being aware of these truths as they encourage and guide their children.

      I have two daughters, one 16 and one 10, and when I see their talents and passions emerge, it fills my heart like nothing else. To partner with God in bringing these beautiful women, and their gifts, into the world, is a profound and humbling experience.


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