Give as you have been given

By on Oct 28, 2008 in Advent and Christmas | 0 comments

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Yesterday I visited my doctor for my annual check up.  As the nurse finished settling me into the exam room, she said goodbye and wished me “Happy holidays…though I can’t believe I’m saying this already!”

Of course, this was the perfect opportunity to talk with her about preparing for Christmas, and she shared with me a wonderful decision her family made just the night before.  Instead of exchanging gifts with the adults this year, they’re sponsoring a family.  In sponsoring a family, you provide Christmas gifts and a delicious feast to a family in need.  Many churches have programs to help connect you with a family, including information on clothing sizes, wish lists, and needed groceries.

Perhaps this year there’ll be even more families in need of assistance, so search your heart and your budget and see if sponsoring a family is a possibility for your family.  Check with a local church or charitable organization for such a program.  What a great way to spread the season’s cheer and keep in perspective the spirit of Christmas!

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