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By on May 30, 2008 in Moms | 3 comments

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Okay, so today is the first really warm and humid day of the summer season.  I walked several blocks to distribute our neighborhood newsletter, and later was very relieved to get into my car and turn on the air conditioning as I drove to the bank.  I felt so comfortable driving along, with the cool air blowing on me.  It dawned on me just how much I enjoy these comforts, and that’s part of why it’s just so tough for me to get into a good habit of exercising!

I know all the reasons why I should, but I resist it, put other tasks ahead of it and basically avoid it everyday until late in the evening and who wants to get all sweaty and worked up so close to bedtime anyway?

The pool in our neighborhood is open, and back in the chill of winter I suggested to myself that it’d be a good idea to start swimming regularly.  So now my pledge to get in shape is staring me straight in the face, and so far I’ve done a good job of avoiding it.  I mentioned my idea of swimming to my 8-year-old, and she reminds me of it every time she asks to go to the pool.   Perhaps since I’ve done such a good job of ignoring my own conscience on this issue, life has sent me my daughter to take up the charge!

So, Dear Reader, help me out!  How do you get motivated to exercise?  What type of exercise works well for you?  Tell me your secrets and help me join you in a daily sweaty routine of health!


  1. Cheryl Merico

    May 31, 2008

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    Oh Maria, I too wrestle with the workout demon on a regular basis. And what is my excuse??? I belong to a gym (they don’t know who I am) and I live in florida so its nice all year around. I too have a neighborhood pool and a pretty nice pair or rollerblades. (Well, my excuse there is I could break a hip at my age and ruin my chances of getting in shape for LIFE!!) I think its because I still weigh under 130 and I no longer where a bikini or short shorts so why bother with the tedious workouts when I still look pretty decent completely clothed right?!! so far this justification has worked but I know my time is limited!!

  2. Michelle Tani

    June 2, 2008

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    This is a great one. I’m heading to Hawaii at the end of summer, and want to have my bikini body ready!

    One thing I did recently — that I had been resisting — was to clear out my closet. All the clothes I’ve been planning to lose weight and fit back into went into a bag and are ready to go to the Salvation Army. Some of these were clothes that I loved! It was hard to let them go. Yet, I’ve been “waiting” for a year to begin to fit back into them, and have not made any progress in that direction, so I decided to start by loving myself as I am! Those clothes don’t fit! I bought a swimsuit and pair of shorts in the right size that are very flattering and have been watching my self-talk very closely.

    It’s funny about clutter, for me. I think those clothes were KEEPING ME from the thing I wanted (to fit into them again)! Every time I’d go in my closet, I’d see them, think of all the money I’d spent, how cute I’d looked in them, and feel GUILTY! Now my closet is only half full with clothes that fit and that I wear.

    And guess what? Suddenly, I found my resistance to exercise melting away, at least a little. The last couple weeks, I have managed to do yoga or free weights at least once a week. This is something that has been on my weekly goals list for SIX MONTHS! I clean out my closet, and suddenly it’s like poof! I’m ready to do it.

    My resistance to taking better care of my body through eating healthy or working out is usually about something I’m resisting on the inside. In this case, I was resisting loving me, as I am, and who would take better care of someone they didn’t even love?

    Thanks for the post! Great topic!

  3. Maria Kight

    June 2, 2008

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    Maria you’ve hit a nerve! I know I need to exercise yet can find every excuse imaginable. (Body heats up; could lead to global warming etc.) I guess positive reinforcement would be the key. Just as we reward our children for good behavior we should reward ourselves. Set a personal goal of exercising for a set number of days and then give yourself a treat (not food but something special like a manicure or massage)Make a list of rewards you’d enjoy earning. Let your children monitor your progress!!!!Good Luck 🙂

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