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A big meeting was cancelled and suddenly my day feels like a balloon with the air slowly leaking out of it. I’d prepped for this meeting, set my alarm around it, planned the details for days. Now: pffft.

It’ll get rescheduled, but what do I do now with the found time? It feels funny and scary, this spans of open minutes ahead of me. Do I dive into the next project, or take the opportunity to do some things I’ve neglected? Well, I’m writing this blog post, so I’ve obviously opted for the latter!

But I wonder how we respond to “found time” in our hyper-scheduled world? What if you suddenly had two hours, or even one, unaccounted for? I wished I’d kept a list of all the things I said I’d do when I found the time.
But even if I had a list, I’m not sure I’d have started any of the projects listed. That is, unless the list included:

• Listening to the rain;
• Searching for rainbows in the partially sunny sky;
• Sipping a cup of tea from the elaborate brewing system my daughter gave me one Christmas and I don’t usually bother with because I don’t have the time;
• Reflecting on what I’d do with found time.

Hmmm. Maybe that list wasn’t so hard to fill after all.
So, what do you say? Next time you’ve found time, take a deep breath and be brave enough to enjoy the empty anticipation of what’s to come, because it’s only when we’re open and receptive that grace can break through.
Let’s notice together the blessings in life. When we do, wonderful things happen. Let’s live Everyday Inspired!

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