February 1 – Friends and Advisors

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IMAG0897The people we meet can bring meaning and joy to our lives, but sometimes also hurt and frustration.

In scripture, the Book of Sirach offers this sage advice: Let those who are friendly with you be many, but let your advisors be one in a thousand. (6:6)

We need to choose our friends wisely. Some friendships are fleeting. We may be hurt by someone that we considered a confidant. We meet many people in a lifetime, yet only a small number will ever gain the title of best friend. Throughout life, we try on many friends, like clothing styles and makeup, to find a good fit. The one that feels most comfortable and safe.

As I watch my daughters grow, I see how friendships change in their lives, too. Who are the ones that have real staying power and who are the ones that kind of just drop in and out? I’ve lost many friends along the way. The enduring ones have been where love is constant and without condition.

When seeking the advice of another, take to heart the wisdom of a friend who is living the life you want to live: one of integrity, honesty, deep happiness, love, and faith. When you find one like this, they are indeed a rare treasure. So, let those you are friendly with be many, but let your advisors be one in a thousand. Be mindful of those people who bring new life and grace to you, and spend time with those people and be thankful for them.


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