Facing a tough meeting? Try this with me…

By on May 15, 2013 in Everyday Inspired, Maria's Blog | 0 comments

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I’m going into a meeting today and I’m not sure where I stand with the folks I’m meeting with. I won’t go into the details, but as I think about the meeting, I find myself ruminating over what I think they might be thinking of me. And of course my assumption is that what they’re thinking isn’t good. Then, I use that as my starting point of posturing before I go into the meeting. Before I know it, I’m playing out scenes of how the meeting might progress, complete with dramatic soliloquies and exiting the room with great flourish.

But, my assumptions about the folks across the table could be wrong. So it’s best for me to go into the meeting with as few assumptions as possible, put on my best face, and open my ears and mind to what they have to say.

As I thought more about the meeting, an inspiration came to me. This is the first time I’m meeting these folks in person, so I think I’ll bring them a small flower to say, “I’m happy to meet you. Thanks for your collaboration!”

With this scenario in mind, my anxiety has diminished and I’m now even looking forward to the meeting, even just a little! Some might say I don’t need to take them a gift, and that’s true: I don’t. But, the Golden Rule is a good one to implement as often as possible. My partnership with these folks may or may not move forward. But beyond the business, we’re all people sitting around that table. And on a sunny spring day, what better way to share the beauty and nurture some relationships? This small gift idea has transformed how I’ll participate in the meeting, and perhaps it will transform the meeting itself. Maybe you have a similar opportunity today? I’ll let you know how it goes!

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