Everyday Inspired

What if, everyday, we took a deep breath and paid attention to life?

What if, everyday, we lived our lives from the power of inspiration?

What if, everyday, we shared that power through our words and actions—then, day by day, we transformed the world?

Through Everyday Inspired stories and insights, host Maria Rodgers O’Rourke reaches thousands of listeners, helping them find inspiration in daily life from a fresh perspective. As one recent listener said:

“Maria speaks to my heart. She reaches people on all different levels of their faith journeys, because she talks about spirituality in a way that is funny, real and knowledgeable.”

Listen to Maria’s daily blogcast and find inspiration in the simplest things in life, the everyday things.

Read Maria’s compilation of reflections in Everyday Inspired. The monthly editions are a work-in-progress, giving Maria and her readers a chance to share ideas and insights. Now available on Amazon.com.

Let’s notice, together, the blessings in our lives. When we pay attention like this, marvelous changes take place. Let’s live Everyday Inspired!