Everyday Inspired, January edition, is here!

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The January 2014 edition of Everyday Inspired is now available on Amazon.com!

Everyday Inspired is our deep breath during the day, where we take a moment to reflect on life. When we do, marvelous things happen.” With these words I begin my popular podcast, Everyday Inspired. The book’s reflections are taken from the podcast, and are reflections on scripture, music, movies, life, family, and other sources of inspiration.

The monthly editions of Everyday Inspired are a work-in-progress. Every month, I’ll publish my collection of reflections, and then readers will have a chance to share their insights and stories via email, or comments on this blog. This process will be an exciting opportunity for us to share ideas, and to keep the reflections timely and real. Please email your comments to Maria at Everyday-Inspired.com.

The goal of Everyday Inspired is to help us find meaning in daily life. As mundane as some days seem to be, I believe there’s a hidden invitation in life’s circumstances, an invitation to reflect spiritually and grow in relationship with God. By offering my story, and hearing yours, I hope we recognize the invitation and respond whole-heartedly. When we do, real transformation can happen, for us and all those we meet during our day.

Thanks for joining me!

More about the book:

Everyday Inspired includes a daily reflection and journal questions for each day of the month. Each day has a theme, so you may wish to read a theme that strikes you, rather than the assigned reading for that date. I trust you’ll find your way to the words you need to read.

If you like to journal, or want to try, keep a notebook handy and jot down the thoughts or feelings that come to mind as you contemplate the reading. Readers of my other devotional journals have found the readings helpful whether or not they journal. So, use your own discretion as to how you’ll engage with the material. Some days are better than others for spending time this way!

Each day, find a quiet place and take a few deep breaths. Read the day’s reflection, and ponder the words and phrases that strike you. Then, consider the questions which follow. The questions are the same every day, but your answers will vary. Here are some examples:

Also, at the end of the month’s reflections is a mini-retreat with additional questions for journaling and reflection. I encourage you to take some quiet time with this little getaway—at least once a month, if not more often.

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