December 11

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Today I am grateful for The Hallelujah Chorus from Handel’s Messiah and for the Parkway North High School Combined Choirs and Orchestra who performed it last evening.  It was gorgeous and thrilling!  It is their tradition that the director, Brian Reeves, invites the audience to participate. 

As this is Abby’s freshman year, this was a surprise invitation.  Steve jumped up to participate, and with a bit of prompting I followed suit.  Soon, there were 3 of my four family members–Abby in the soprano section, Steve in tenor and I in alto–lifting our hearts to our omnipotent God.  Steve and I used to sing in our parish choir, and last participated in the Chorus when Abby was just a baby. 

Praise God for this unexpected Christmas Moment!  With all we have going on in our lives, I needed the reminder that “The Lord God, omnipotent, reigneth.”  God is in charge.  And, the soaring music did indeed lift my heart and officially ensconce me in the “Christmas Spirit.”  Hallelujah!

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