Christmas In July

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We’re at half time!  During July we’ll cross the halfway mark on the calendar year countdown to Christmas Day 2008.  Most women I mention this to respond by saying, “OH!  I can’t think about that right now!”  When they hear the word “Christmas,” the first thought is not of the joy of the season but of the work involved to pull it off!

My friend and colleague Julie Hood has some excellent tips (below) on how to get a jump start on all those tasks.  Before you dive in, take a few deep breaths and remember last year–what worked well, what would you do differently, what’s something new you’d like to happen this year?  Once you have a clearer vision for Christmas in place, you can choose the tasks that will make that vision a reality.  Don’t let this wonderful season sneak up on you again this year!

From Julie – When is the best time to get organized for Christmas? Right now! Here are a few of favorite things to start now in the lazy days of summer (Remember how frantic it gets in the fall when all the kids activities kick in? Let’s do some of this stuff now so we can have a peaceful holiday season this year.)

Start thinking about where you will spend the holidays.  Will you be traveling? If you will be flying, set up travel alerts now to shop for the best airfare. I use Travelocity.

Will you be hosting? What home improvements do you you need to start now? Do you need to clean out or spruce up your guest room?

Get some gift lists going (and start setting aside your budget).  Now is a great time to start looking for ideas. Why? Because all the stores are clearing out their inventory to make room for the holiday items so you can really get some bargains, especially at Toys R Us and Current Catalog.You can even start setting aside a few dollars each paycheck for the Christmas Fund. Then you won’t have giant credit card bills in January!

Will you send a Christmas newsletter this year? If so, spend 15 minutes jotting down the big events for the first half of the year… or consider going digital. We’re sending an electronic newsletter this year so we can share more photos.

One last thing… Make sure you mark October 18th on your calendar for the Great Christmas Event 2008.  We have a wonderful day of fun, laughter and inspiration planned for you.  And order your tickets before September 1st to save half price!

Want to save even more?  Get a free ticket as a Table Captain.

See you then!

Maria and Julie

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