Christmas in July

By on Jul 8, 2008 in Announcements | 0 comments

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We’re at half time!  During July we’ll cross the halfway mark on the calendar year countdown to Christmas Day 2008.  Most women I mention this to respond by saying, “OH!  I can’t think about that right now!”  When they hear the word “Christmas,” the first thought is not of the joy of the season but of the work involved to pull it off!

When you hear the word “Christmas,” take a few deep breaths and remember last year–what worked well, what would you do differently, what’s something new you’d like to happen this year?  With a clear vision for Christmas in place, you can choose the tasks that will make that vision a reality.  Don’t let this wonderful season sneak up on you again this year!

My friend and colleague Julie Hood and I have the solution for you! 

See you then!

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