Choose your friends wisely

“Let those who are friendly with you be many, but let your advisers be one in a thousand.”  Sirach 6:6

Choose your friends wisely.  Life has shown how fleeting some friendships can be.  We can be easily hurt by someone we once considered a confidant.  So, while we will meet many people in a lifetime, only a small percentage will rate the title of “best friend.”

A teenager will try on many friends, like clothes styles and make-up, to find the good fit, the one that feels most comfortable and safe.  As we grow, we find our best friends don’t always make us feel comfortable–like when they speak the truth to us–but they do make us feel loved.  We can handle the truth when it’s spoken in love.

Take to heart advice from friends who are living the life you want to live–one of intengrity, honesty, deep happiness and faith.  When you find one like this, she is indeed a rare treasure.

Dear Reader, please comment:

Recall a time when you felt loved and honored by a friend.  How did this experience make you a better friend to others?

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