Choose the Good

By on Aug 27, 2009 in Advent and Christmas | 0 comments

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Don’t let the perfect stand in the way of the good.

Today, this quote was attributed to deceased Senator Kennedy, in a description of his style in navigating Capitol Hill politics.  But, it occurs to me, isn’t this also great advice for life in general, and holiday celebrations in particular?

We often hold in our minds the “perfect” idea for our family members, homes, work, etc.  At Christmas time, it gets even worse.  Maybe there are other possibilities–good enough possibilities–for what our holiday celebrations will look like.  Only when we’re willing to let go of the perfect celebrations will we be delightfully surprised to find that “good” may be the “best” after all.

Last year, due to the drop in the economy, my extended family decided to forego the annual gift exchange and hold a “white elephant” gift party.  While a few were sad at the prospect of going without “real presents,” others got into the spirit of it and the exchange turned into a silly laugh-fest.  In the end, I think we all realized that we didn’t need the “stuff” anyway; just being together was good enough.

Dear reader:

Think of a time you released the perfect and focused on the good?  How did that play out for you?

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