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Christmas is sneaking up behind you.  Today we’re 2 months away from the big day.  As a friend posted on Facebook:  “Don’t kill the messenger.”

Last year about this time, I met a woman who burst into tears at the thought of all the work she had ahead of her in the coming weeks.  I do my best to keep it out of my mind, but the truth is the days are ticking away and the rush will be here before we know it.  Today I stopped at Walgreen’s to get our Halloween candy, and lurking in the next aisle were the lighted Christmas trees.  I ran for cover in the opposite direction.

As we look ahead to the next two months, eight weeks, 61 days, 1,464 hours or 87,840 minutes (I could have given you the seconds, but that thought made my heart race too much), we need to break it down into manageable chunks or we will break down like my friend.  So, one day (or even one step) at a time should be our mantra.

The most beneficial minutes of these next 61 days will be the ones we spend in gratitude and prayer–gratitude for our countless blessings, and prayer for God’s grace to enter into our daily lives and sustain us.  I’ve found that on the days that begin with prayer, I handle things so much better.  The circumstances may not be any different, but I know I move through them with greater humor and grace.

Perhaps the first item on our holiday to-do list should be to set aside time every morning to reconnect with our Creator.  Let’s sit in that peace, and carry it with us through the day.  And one day will lead to another, and eventually, we’ll live our way to a blessed Christmas Day.

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