Black Friday Dawns

My daughter had an interesting suggestion last night:  “Why don’t they call it Green Friday?”  We all agreed this term gets to the heart of “Black Friday,” but in less ominous, more abundant (and earth-friendly) terms!

Today I am grateful for:

  • This season of Thanksgiving–focusing my attention on what’s good in my life;
  • My husband and daughters–though we have our misunderstandings and tensions, we relaxed and enjoyed each other’s company yesterday;
  • A flexible schedule today–I’ll get some things done, spend time with my family, and begin to prepare our home for Christmas.

Dear Reader, please comment:

How did you, or are you planning to spend Thanksgiving? 

What are you grateful for this year?


  1. I spent a quiet Thanksgiving with my family. I don’t often cook, so it was nice to spend the day lovingly preparing a meal that the people most important to me would enjoy together.

    I am grateful for…

    my home
    my family
    friends who remind me to focus on gratitude
    my rewarding career
    the opportunity to spend the holiday season clarifying my intentions by working through these reflections

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