Better than a Hallelujah

By on Aug 12, 2010 in Great Links | 0 comments

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Fans of this site know that I love Christmas just about as much as Amy Grant does!  Her music is an essential part of my family’s holiday celebrations, and her songs have been featured and reviewed on this site.

So I wanted to be sure you heard about her new song.  It has a powerful message for us when life’s trials seem to be too much:  God loves us just as much in our pain as he does in our joy.  Maybe we think we have to get it all together before we can talk to God, like the only face God wants to see is a happy one.  “Better than a Hallelujah” assures us that no matter what we’re feeling, God loves us and throws his arms open to us anytime we turn to him–in laughter or in tears.

Amy Grant’s Her music often finds that hidden spot in my heart, heals the pain, and helps me feel God’s great love once again. Her new song and video tell a bittersweet story; maybe some of the words will touch your heart, too.

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